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If you play online Poker games then you will agree that it is a must to understand the basic strategies behind every variant. Same is the case with 5 card stud.

Getting used to the rules of five card stud is the easiest of all; however, strategizing the moves for winning this online Poker game is the difficult task. It takes a bit of experience to get used to the pinch of salt thing in decision making about the kind of poker action you should take with different poker hands at the poker table.

The simple rule is that if you are not having a good starting hand, chances are less for you to hit the pot. If you do not have a good hand and you are working with a drawing hand, it is not a great idea to be making more than two raises. If you are playing tight, then you should not be playing medium and low hands by all reasons. If you are having a drawing hand and you are trying to bluff, chances are that the opponent players are going to re-raise your hands and you will land up having to deal with an expensive gaming situation.

5 Card Stud Strategy Luck stays with good hands. So, if you have a weak hand, it is better you fold your hand. If you are a beginner you need to practice a few sessions with free online poker games before you play actual money. The general perception of beginners is that draw and stud games are easy and that the community board games are hard. However, the reality is that every game is complicated in its own way. It takes practice and experience in the decision making. The more you practice, the better.

Keep a track of the up card of the other players. This will give you an insight in to the hand strength of the players and you can form a judgment about their hand strength from the way they make the play. This will help you decide on whether you should play, make a draw, or fold. You need to as well remember that others are evaluating you based on your up card and you can use it as an opportunity to make poker bluffs to increase the size of the pot in winning.

Be clear about the poker hand type that you can hit with the type of hand you hold and make your decisions accordingly. Knowing the good starting hands for five card stud helps a great deal. Pairs, high value cards, cards that are better than the opponents in the table, pockets that have a high value, suited cards, and connectors are all hands that are good to play as starting hands. However, depending upon the hands of the opponents, you can make the betting and raising. Bets and raises are sure to scare away players who are playing with medium hands.

When you make your poker action, it is crucial to make decisions based on the position you occupy in the poker table. In this stud variant, the players who have the highest upcard are the first to act and therefore, the player making the bet from one round to another will vary and you have to make your playing decisions by position in a different way for each round.

Get used to practical mathematics and train your brain to think that way. If you are not having high ranking cards, it is impossible to make flushes and straight, which means a majority of the odds are going to be missing in your favour. If one of the upcard of the other players shows signs of a nut hand, then you should practically understand that things might not be in your favor. Beginners should learn to be unpredictable in poker. Being able to be unpredictable is an excellent sign of a good poker player