First Deposit Bonus of Rs. 2000

How does it sound to be moved to another poker table within Nanoseconds of folding your current poker hand? Check in to the poker variants offered for Blaze Poker.

New Set of Opponents for Every New Hand Dealt

Blaze poker is typically a variant of the traditional ring poker games. The interesting and the most challenging thing about this variant of poker is that for every new game you will be dealing with new set of opponents.

No Waiting Time - Super Fast Table Swaps

Quick Play in Poker Blaze poker is the super fast way to play poker. If you are a poker enthusiast, who does not like the waiting time in between hands, then you should try Blaze poker. Blaze poker is special because in this poker variant you will be dealt with a set of new pockets in a new table, the sooner you fold your hand in one table.

Never Ending Action

This means the game progresses in a super fast manner. If you prefer to wait, then Blaze poker is not for you. The progression of games from one table to another is super fast that you seem to be participating in never ending action with literally no waiting at all.

Your Fold Remains a Surprise

Blaze Poker Surprise Fold The fact that you have folded your hands will not be known to your co-players until it is your turn to act in the betting round! So, the decision making at every table remains challenging in terms of pot odds and other parameters to be considered in the doing.

The Blind Bets

You might be wondering about the blinds. It can be kind of not-so-interesting if you should be making the blinds in each new table. Don't worry, the software handling the takeover to a different table is programmed in a sophisticated manner to put you in a fair table position for each table you are being changed to.

Loyalty points and hand history will be professionally stored for your ID. Be clear about the blind levels you choose to play for the different poker variants to play in compliance with your money goals.