4 Tricks To Tackle The Card Dead Situation In Poker


Tricks To Tackle The Card Dead Situation

Being card dead in Poker is when you are continuously being dealt poor cards. A lot of players use being card dead as an excuse for them not winning at the Poker tables. But any good Poker player will tell you that irrespective of your hand strength, your skill and strategy are the instruments that help you win a game.

So being card dead doesn’t mean you’re doomed. Just use these Poker tricks instead of panicking and enjoy the game!

  • Raise It!

Depending on the kind of Poker table you are sitting at, raising in the early stages of the can prove to be very advantageous when you’re card dead. So one of the best Poker tips would be to search for players who are very tight and passive; the ones who are always folding. You can raise such players with any two cards and be pretty sure that they won’t fight back. On the other hand, it is also important to know which players you shouldn’t raise against. Avoid players who are “calling stations” or are too aggressive as they’ll constantly re-raise and force you to fold.

  • Go All-In When The Time Is Right

Sometimes you can dare to even go all-in when you’re card dead. This will depend on the stacks of players that will play after you. Go all-in against players with medium volume of stacks. This is because they will be most concerned about losing as a defeat will affect their stack size the most. If players with small or big stacks are about to follow you, do not go all-in because, most probably, they’ll raise you.

  • Take Advantage Of Your Table Image

Everyone forms an image at the Poker table according to their playing style and pattern. When you are repeatedly being dealt bad cards, you’ll prefer to fold and form the image of a tight player. In Poker, the way to abuse your image is to act just the opposite of it- when a tight player re-raises, he/she gives off the vibe of extreme strength, and thus other players will back off instead of calling. Thus tight players can use re-raising as the ultimate weapon irrespective of their card strength.

  • Don’t Lose Your Cool

The coolest Poker tip is to stay cool! Like every hard situation in Poker and Life, the key to surviving a card-dead situation is to remain calm. Majority of players lose their minds when they’re card dead. Take a break, stretch your muscles, listen to good music and relax before coming back to the Poker table. Remember that like everything in Poker, the card-dead situation is also temporary. Stay focused and calm, and you’ll ensure your victory.

Yes, being card dead is a scary situation, though not if you know the Poker tricks to survive it. Learn and improve your game by playing Freeroll Tournaments at Khelplay.com.

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