4 Reasons Why Check-Raise Is Amazing


check-raiseOne of the most powerful bluffs of Poker is the Check-raise. The deception that check-raise creates can change everything from your table image to your opponent’s strategy! Let’s see why this is an amazing Poker move.

The perfect trick

This is a rather rare move in Poker. Thus it is the perfect trick to scare off even a comparatively strong Poker player. When you are out of position, check your opponent and then raise the bet. Your opponent will think that you anticipated their move and were, in fact, waiting for them to make the move. Irrespective of how strong their Poker hand is, when faced with a check-raise, they’ll surely pause and get skeptical about it, thus probably rethink their whole strategy.

Show some muscle!

On the Poker table, you establish an image with every move you make. An all-in is a show of complete confidence, but it risks everything you have. On the other hand, a check-raise shows confidence but it doesn’t risk all your money. Thus this is a more fearful move. Your opponent wouldn’t want to mess with this one because they know that they cannot take everything from you even if they decide to chase you. Most of the times, you’ll scare off stronger Poker hands and come off as a strong player.

Super Bluff

Check-raise is a great bluff. The intention of bluffing in Poker is to get your opponent to fold. If you can get your opponents to fold, you win without having to show your cards. This is favorable not only when you have a weak Poker hand, but also when you have a strong hand- you are never too sure if your hand is the strongest; you have to consider the possibilities that somebody else might have a stronger, or an equally strong, hand. In such a case, a check-raise can prove to be your perfect ally. You can make most opponents to fold with this move, and the ones that chase you, will be the ones to look out for. After this, your judgement about your opponent can help you make your next move.

Builds up the pot

The other great reason to check-raise is to build up the pot. Though many players will fold, there will be some who’ll be naive enough to call regardless of their Poker hand’s strength, and some will be chasing draws. You have to stay cautious of the ones chasing draws. Understand what kinds of Poker players you are up against and make your move.

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