5 Amazing Poker Books

5 Amazing Poker Books

Knowledge is power. And the right kind of knowledge can make you very powerful. Same goes for Poker games. The world of Poker is so vast that there is a lot of space to learn and get better. Thankfully many people who have mastered the skill of Poker, have penned down their wealth of knowledge and experience, to give us some amazing Poker books. These books also take you on a thrilling and exciting ride when the author decides to talk about his time on the Poker table.

Let’s have a look at some of the incredible books on Poker.

  • The Theory of Poker

David Sklansky

Published in 1994, The Theory of Poker is still as relevant as it was at that time. The book talks gave the fundamental theorem of Poker and concepts that can be applied to almost every variation of the game including five-card drawseven card studhold’em, lowball draw and razz Poker. The famous fundamental theorem of Poker, as stated, is  Every time you play a hand differently from the way you would have played it if you could see all your opponents’ cards, they gain; and every time you play your hand the same way you would have played it if you could see all their cards, they lose. The book also teaches the importance of psychology, bluffing, slow-playing, position and value of deception.

  • Harrington on Hold’em, Volume I: Strategic Play: Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments

Dan Harrington

This book is the first of three books believed to be the most famous series of Poker books ever written on No Limit Hold’em tournament play. The book provides strategies for different phases of tournament play, for example, right from when the stakes are low, to loose games and endgame play. Harrington is one of the few players who have made it to the WSOP final table three times and are a member of the Poker Hall of Fame.

  • The Mental Game of Poker

Jared Tendler and Barry Carter

Unlike the strategy books on this list, this book explores the psychological side of the game. It is the perfect guide to mastering the emotional and mental imbalance that can be the greatest enemy of a player. Jared Tendler is a mental health counselor who has coached some of the best Poker players in the world. In the 2 volumes of this celebrated book series, Tendler provides tried and tested solutions of coping up with tilt, variance, fear and loss of confidence on the Poker table.

  • Super System: A Course in Power Poker

Doyle Brunson

Known as the bible of Poker, this Poker classic was published in 1978. This Poker book is so good that Brunson’s fellow professional Poker players were unhappy with it because they felt that the book would give too much information to amateur players, and thus make the game tougher. And they were right. Super System has chapters written by some of the best Poker players, like Mike Caro, David Sklansky, Chip Reese and Bobby Baldwin.

  • Every Hand Revealed

Gus Hansen

In the 2007 Aussie Millions Main Event, Gus Hansen noted every hand he played on a Dictaphone. He won the event and subsequently accounted his recordings in one of the most remarkable Poker books, Every Hand Revealed. The three World Poker Tour open titles winner is one of the most interesting Poker players who is well known for his crazily fearless and aggressive style of play. The book showcases this aggressive strategy of Hansen, making it a fun read.

These are just a bunch of the many amazing books on Poker. Read on to discover the strategies and secrets of Poker and win more as you apply the knowledge at the Poker table by playing at Khelplay.com.


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