5 Hazard Hands of Poker And Tackling Them


5 Hazard Hands Of Poker

There are a lot of reasons that make the game of Poker thrilling and interesting. One of these reasons is those certain hands that can make or break your fortune. Playing them right can make you a winner, but being careless with them can mean a disaster. Let’s check out 5 of such hazard hands of Poker.

  • Suited connectors

With the right flop, suited connectors can be a master Poker hand. Though the probability of a flop being in favor of suited connectors is rather less. Hence, they cannot be considered rewarding on a regular basis. One big mistake that Poker players make with this hand is paying too much pre-flop and being lost post-flop. This hand shouldn’t be played in raised pots pre-flop. Post-flop, it should be played when in position, or else it becomes super complex to play them. This is because you can control the action when you are in position.

  • Ace-Ace

This is the best Poker hand in Texas Hold’em, if you know your poker hands well. You can enjoy going with full blow pre-flop with this one. Raise and Re-raise to get maximum chips you can into the pot. Post-flop, you need to be cautious. Think twice before calling or raising the tight type of Poker players. You might want to fold against them, but if you have an aggressive contender, dare to counter attack and make him nervous. Conclusively, playing this hand fast and aggressive is the best way to play it, but when beaten, it is necessary to lay down your weapons.

  • Ace-Rag

Also known as a “weak ace”, this pair consists of an Ace and any card below 10. Experienced players will tell you to not play this hand at all. The only situation to play this is when you decide to go all-in with a small stack size. After the flop, you won’t be able to stand any major action or you’ll end up giving all your money to someone with a stronger ace.

  • King-Queen

This is a strong Poker hand but finds itself intimidated by dominating hands. Therefore, the best approach is to come in raising, especially if you are the first person to enter the pot. You might even re-raise against an aggressive type of Poker player or in a short-handed game. Flop is a crucial time for this hand because even as it may improve your position but you can never be sure about where you actually stand when compared to your opponents. It is best to take this hand to showdown only when the pot size is small.

  • Ace-King

This is a very strong combination and usually you should play this hand very aggressively. A common mistake people make with this one is that they make a large re-raise and finally fold when they miss. It is better to go all-in pre-flop instead of folding because this might force your opponent to fold. But this hand gets weak against a King-King and Ace-Ace. Unless you have a nut flush draw after the flop, it is best to fold this Poker hand if it doesn’t improve.

These hands give you an opportunity turn the whole game into your favor; provided you play them prudently. Win huge cash prizes by participating in the exciting Poker tournaments on Khelplay.com today.

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