5 Reasons Why Mumbai’s First Poker Party Was A Blast

Why Mumbai's First Poker Party Was A Blast

On 5th and 6th May 2017, Mumbaikars got a feel of the ‘Entertainment Capital of The World’; Las Vegas! Those were the nights filled with enthusiasm and excitement. Thanks to Khelplay Royale, Mumbai actually discovered its love for Poker.

Here are some reasons why Khelplay Royale will be remembered.

  • Music and Refreshments

Good music and good food are the two most essential things to keep any party alive. And we’re glad that there was no dearth of any of it at Khelplay Royale. Players enjoyed groovy disco tracks, yummy finger food and chilled refreshments as they battled it out on the Poker table.

  • Professional Help

The Poker party was well planned to accommodate not only just the people who knew the game of Poker, but also the ones who were hearing words like, ‘call’, ‘raise’ and ‘fold’ for the first time. Professional Poker dealers were present to guide amateur players and make them comfortable. Each player got personal advices and tips, and was made familiar with the rules and interface of the game.

  • Offline AND Online!

One distinct and fun factor of Khelplay Royale was that it made people acquainted with not only online Poker, but also with the offline version of it. Along with tablets, the players got a chance to deal with actual Poker chips and playing cards. At the tables of Khelplay Royale, glasses clinked and so did the Poker chips!

  • Gift Hampers

The goodie bags did spread good vibes in the Poker party! There were smiles everywhere as all the players received gift hampers that consisted of a cool deck of cards, a cute diary and a pen. These items were considerate presents as while playing Poker at their homes; people could make their own Poker notes and play with own cards. In addition to the gift hampers, the winners were also awarded cashcards of Rs. 500 each.

  • A Century of Registrations

The ultimate proof that Mumbai loved Khelplay Royale is that around a 100 new users registered to the Khelplay Poker website during just those 2 days. The Poker tables were filled with excited participants trying their hand at the game, with whatever hand they had! (Geddit? Geddit?!) 😉

Have you joined the bandwagon yet? Register today at Khelplay.com to enter the exciting and rewarding world of Poker.

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