5 Things To Carry On A Poker Trip

5 Things To Carry On A Poker Trip

Travelling to play Poker has to be one of the bucket list items of almost every offline and online Poker player. Certain items can make these trips more fun and worthwhile. Let’s have a look-

  • Tablet computer

Travelling with a tablet allows you to practice your game by playing online Poker at some great sites like Khelplay.com. You can prepare yourself for the upcoming Poker tournaments and also watch some Poker movies or just play games and pass the time if you’re travelling alone.

  • Hand sanitiser

While you are playing offline Poker in a casino, you encounter diverse kinds of numerous people; some not so hygienic. You cannot be sure that the Poker chips you are playing with are clean or were handled by a guy who was eating chips and didn’t care enough to wash his hands. It is best to keep your hand sanitiser handy and protect yourself from germs and diseases.

  • Hoodie

When you are on a Poker trip, you may see many Poker players wearing hoodies. Some wear it as a fashion accessory but there are three real advantages of a hoodie. Firstly, it is a great way to cover your tells as your facial expressions are hardly visible. Secondly, it helps you focus by restricting your vision to only what’s in front of you- the Poker table. And lastly, this is a great Poker accessory because it protects you from the cold temperatures that prevail in most Poker rooms.

  • Noise cancelling headphones

Another accessory that can help you focus at the Poker table is a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Poker tournaments see a lot of people coming and going, so not get disturbed by your buzzing surroundings, you can put these on and enjoy your favourite music while playing the game. Also, on your journey, be it a train, bus or plane, noise cancelling headphones can keep you entertained and less annoyed with the unwanted noises.

  • First-aid box

On a trip, be it for playing Poker or not, it is always smart to have your stock of Paracetamols and Combiflams. Carry a first-aid box to avoid falling ill right before or during a Poker tournament, and thus keep your trip experience delightful.

Wish you a happy and profitable journey!

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