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5 Tricks That Can Help You Win Most of Your Poker Games

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Playing Poker is a nerve wrecking game that needs a lot of imagination, calculation and above all, loads of patience. Whether you play Poker online or offline, you need a combination of both skill and stratagem that can help you be the conqueror. Be the master of Poker card games with a simple plan that will help you brush up your skills, refresh your mind, and get your hands on it like a sorcerer. Following are the top 5 simple yet most effective Poker tricks that can make you a consistent winner at Poker.

  1. The key to success – making decisions

Making good decisions from the beginning will make your game plan much easy to strategize. As soon as you get hands on the cards, be careful not to underestimate the game of other players. Play your cards carefully and wisely. Getting your calculation straight, keeping up the patience, and reading your opponents’ actions are some of the most basic but essential tips that will help you take wise decisions throughout the Poker game.

  1. Lesser the better – calculate your hands

One of the most common errors that new players make is playing far too many hands. The first essential aspect of playing Poker like a boss is to keep Poker hands odds calculator, which will help you determine the chances of your hand winning based on the number of participants of the game.

  1. Whether to muck or not to muck

Keep your game to yourself, if you muck the cards than it is quite obvious that the opponents will know your strategy to play the game.  Showing off your style through mucking will never lead you to be the champ! Be careful and avoid the most debated mucking to keep your playing style clandestine. Also, when other participants get to know your playing style or vice-versa, the essence and fun of playing Poker is lost.

  1. Playing premium cards under the gun

Even if it is first hand at the Poker game, don’t let your opponents sense the amateur. The safest escape for a professional play is to stick to your premium cards such as AA, KK, QQ, AK. With these cards you will play safe in difficult decisions on the flop, turn, and river. When you strategy doesn’t word as thought about, in the later button position, you can play your pre-flop cards to hands such as the suited connectors and pocket pairs as long as there is no raise by your opponents.

  1. Be confident, play yourself

Be confident with whatever cards are left on you, do not lose hope, and remember the rule of patience and calculations that can make a bad play to a good game.


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