Chosen Professions of Poker Players

professions of poker players

Poker is a game like no other. More than anything else, it requires an individual to have a sharp mind and oodles of patience to triumph in the game. From the very start of the game when the Dealer dispenses the cards to the time of the Final Hand Declaration, Poker Players need to be on their toes and intelligently execute each and every one of their moves. Even the slightest error of judgment can lead to losses. The mental rigor involved in the game of Poker perhaps compares to no other game. And that’s why celebrated poker players end up becoming superstars in their own right.

To the discerning Poker player who plays as a professional, the game can surely help them carve a path to riches. However, given their mental agility, they also become a right fit for several other highly paid and renowned professions, a few of which are mentioned below:

Investment Banker

As with any Poker game, number-cracking is at the heart of the Banking and Investment sector as well. The skills that one has developed playing the game of Poker will come handy when one sets foot in the Banking and investment sector. While Poker game involves dabbling in cards, the Banking and investment sector will see Players dabbling in all kinds of portfolios.

Actuarial Analyst

Actuarial Analysts belong to the Insurance sector and primarily deal with the creation of probabilistic models for different kinds of insurance claims – life, motor, health, et al. As with the game of Poker which makes use of one’s probabilistic assessment skills in deciding when to fold and when to continue, the actuarial profession also makes use of similar techniques for the designing of various insurance models.

Business Manager

With their superior judgmental skills, Poker Players can surely boast to be cut above the rest as far as decision making is concerned. This makes them perfect to assume leadership positions in organizations.

Life Coach

With the superior mental abilities honed over several sessions of Poker play, an established Poker Player can surely claim to possess all necessary credentials to be a Life Coach. A Poker Player as Life coach will be ably suited to motivate and guide professionals in regard to nurturing their mental faculty and use it in the most potent way.


Education is yet other sector where any Poker Player can look to enter and make use of his skills; more specifically, in the teaching sector. Though not high-paying as the rest, the prestige and satisfaction that this profession offers is something that is unmatched. Also, having familiarized oneself with different expressions which Players may be seen to don at the table, a Poker Player in the role of a professor can make much use of it in discerning student expressions while in class.

The above are just few of the several ways in which Poker Player can make use of his skills. While playing Poker on a full-time basis professionally can be quite rewarding, there are alternate professions to consider that can be equally well-paying and fun. Get started with playing online Poker now at KhelPlay. As a special incentive, we have come out with the <Double Bonus Offer>.

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