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Important Tips for a New Online Poker Player

Important Tips for a New Online Poker Player

Playing Poker games online is pretty different from playing live Poker. Though the rules and terminology are the same, the pace and environment differ to a great extent when you play online Poker. The world of online Poker has a lot to offer to even those who have never played any kind of Poker.

And as and when whoever decides to enter this amusing realm, can refer to these pointers to light up your path.

  • Start Small

It is very important to start with smaller stakes when you begin playing Poker games online. Practicing and understanding the game is what’s essential for a beginner. Many new players make the mistake of jumping to high stakes when they start losing in lower stakes; in the hope to reimburse their losses. But playing for more only means losing more for a new Poker player.

  • Focus!

As online players have the advantage of being in comfort of their homes when they play Poker games, they tend to get distracted and lose focus. Watching TV, surfing other sites, texting or talking on phone are some of the distractions that can affect your game badly. It is rather profitable to focus and observe your opponents and plan your next strategy even when you are not in the current hand. Also, online Poker is much fast paced as compared to the live games. Thus, focus!

  • Never Play ‘On Tilt’

Play online Poker only when you are in the right frame of mind- do not get to the table when you are angry or tired. Only when a player is relaxed and calm, he/she can take smart calls about when to raise and when to fold.

  • Avoid Multi-Tabling

Online Poker players have the advantage of playing at more than one table. Though a beginner player should not get too ambitious or too greedy. Only once you have started developing a consistency in winning at a single table, you should add more tables according to your convenience. Till then, practice on a single table and avoid facing unnecessary stress.

  • Bluff Less

No, the best players don’t bluff every hand. If you are a new player, you have probably heard the term “bluffing” a lot. Friends who teach you to play Poker games talk about it and movies portray it as something cool done and understood only by the best Poker players. Although bluffing is an integral part of Poker, avoid it when you are starting out. This is because what matters first is to know how to play with whatever cards you have, and when you should simply fold. Once you have had enough practice and understanding about the strength and possibilities of the hand you get, you should try bluffing.

Get more acquainted with the world of Poker and have fun as you enter it here.


  1. Hi,
    Just finished reading your blog. I am a poker enthusiast from India. I must say your blog is very informative. I am relatively new to poker; it’s just been 6 months since I started, so haven’t been able to gain in-depth knowledge of the game so far. I have no guide or friend to teach me. So generally I go through blogs or let my experiences teach me. Earlier, I used to bluff sometimes, as I thought it would make me look like a pro. Unfortunately, it cost me a good amount of money 2-3 times. Now I will try to avoid it.

  2. Hello,
    Nice tips! I have been playing poker online for real money for the past 8 years. I even teach a few newbies about poker tactics. I came across your blog a few days ago when I was searching for tips and tricks on pokers for beginners. I wanted a write up that was clear, concise, and written in simple language so I could share it with my students. I found your blog to the point and the tips shared are quite useful. So I have shared it with them. I am hoping they will lose bad habits of multi-tabling and bluffing after reading it.

  3. I am visiting this blog for the second time to thank the writer. I read it a couple of days ago and found the information cool. I have been trying these suggestions in my gameplay, and it’s been working well for me. I have won more poker games in the past few days than ever before. I am an impulsive kind of emotional person. So I had an issue controlling my tilt. Following your suggestions have improved my gameplay in many ways. Also, nowadays, I go online for a game of poker only when I am in the right frame of mind.

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