3 Mistakes that Poker Beginners Should Avoid

Broadly, beginner online poker players can be classified in two categories. Ones that have just started or are not regulars and others that are making a transition from live poker to the virtual world.

However, the do’s and don’ts for online poker success for both these groups are rather similar.

Start at stakes that don’t hurt you

Always begin playing at stakes where you are immune to a financial hit. This holds true even for players that have played at considerable high stakes in home games or at brick and mortar casinos.

The primary objective at this stage is to get used to online poker in general and all its small yet significant nuances. With the constant pressure of losing cash no longer on your mind, you can solely focus on the game at hand.

For poker players that are new to online poker, this also offers are opportunity to chalk out the many differences with live poker, something that holds great benefit in the long run.

Avoid Multi-Tabling

Playing online poker has several advantages. One of the biggest is being able to play on several tables in one ago. However, if you are a novice you need to keep some things in mind.

Knowing when you are ready to shift gears is essential. Most beginner poker players tend to make the mistake of moving up the ladder too quickly. Steer clear from this temptation.

Once you consistently crush competition on a single table and are able to accumulate profits, its time to make the move. There is no hurry though; your comfort level is the single most important factor that should govern this decision.

Be Professional, Even at Home

The comforts of home can often distract rookie online poker players. Finding ways to cut time in between hands could lead to your downfall. Don’t switch on the remote, WhatsApp your mates or log in to Twitter or Facebook when you not part of the action.

Players should not let their concentration levels drop even when they are not involved. Observing every hand to pick up little bits of information on fellow players will hold you in good stead going forward.

More importantly, developing a professional attitude is critical to you being a winning poker player. Keep your gaze fixed firmly on the table to find flaws in your opponents game.

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