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reload bonus offer in poker

What’s Reload Bonus all about?

When you are on a roll playing Poker game, the urge to reload can be as instinctive as the urge towards refueling your car while on a long drive. It may seem unnecessary, especially if you have won handsome sums playing cash poker games. But then, the shrewd player who is in for the long haul knows he has to shield himself from losses. And what better way to do that than taking advantage of the unique KhelPlay Offer giving Players a full unique KhelPlay Deposit Offer giving Players a full 75% extra up to Rs.5000 on every Repeat Deposit.

How to use this Bonus?

This lucrative Deposit Bonus is a Bonus like no other but it comes with certain pre-conditions. First and foremost, bear in mind that it is a non-withdrawable amount that doesn’t get transferred as a lumpsum into your account. This Bonus is a Cash Bonus which is credited into your account in parts of 50. Every time you generate a certain amount of Rake value on a Poker game table, the Bonus part gets transferred into your account, and you can use it to play Poker Cash Games. The Cash Winnings that you accumulate in Cash Games can be withdrawn.

Bonus Validity

The Bonus is valid for only 30 days from the time the Player makes the deposit. All the parts of the Bonus have to be used within the 30-day period for playing Poker Cash games, otherwise it expires.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I open two KhelPlay accounts and deposit in both?

Operating multiple accounts at KhelPlay is strictly forbidden. Anybody found to be doing so will find his/her entire cash/bonus balance in each account discredited and nullified.

What if I want to transfer my Bonus to the KhelPlay account of a friend?

Under no circumstances can a Player transfer the Bonus that he has accumulated into a Friend’s account. Not only is it strictly forbidden but Player would stand to be debarred from further play at KhelPlay on the grounds of wrongfully colluding with others.

What if I utilize only few parts of the Bonus?

The Bonus should be used for playing as many Poker games as possible. Player should utilize the full Bonus within the expiry date, failing which it would be rendered null and void.

If you have only recently started playing Poker games at KhelPlay, then this would be the ideal boost you were looking for playing Cash Games. Take full advantage of this offer by depositing as many times as possible and earning 75% Bonus on each Deposit.

Hurry, Reload your wallet now!

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