Stress Busters To Combat Tilt in Poker

Stress Busters To Combat Tilt In Poker

As explained by Wikipedia, “Tilt is a poker term for a state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration in which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in the player becoming over-aggressive.”

As Poker is a game of mind and Mathematics, a Poker player cannot afford to be “off-balance” in his head. To avoid suffering great losses, there should be calmness and neutrality inside the mind of a Poker player. But the game rarely goes as planned. And thus it is very common among all kinds of s to get disturbed and make mistakes. Manage your Poker bankroll with these weapons, which will help you combat this enemy.

  • Hit The Gym

Working out is one of the favourite remedies of top Poker players to relive stress. Exercising releases chemicals called endorphins, which create a natural high by satisfying the hunger of your neurotransmitters. Let off some steam at the gym when the game gets difficult. It can be as simple as taking walks or as intense as weight lifting. Exercising will help you relax. That is the best part, isn’t it?

  • Comedy and Music

Yes, that simple. You can cross the dark pit of tilt by walking either the bridge of Comedy or of Music! Laughter is a brilliant stress reliever. Watching “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”, or a funny movie can help you calm down after an intense round of Poker. Listening to music has also been proven to trigger biochemical stress reducers. So turn the volume up to your favourite playlist when you going through a bad beat or simply not winning enough.

  • Eat Right

Eating what you like when you’re hungry makes anyone happy. But it is not advisable to hog on unhealthy and junk food to feel good. Another great stress buster, it is necessary to eat right in order to ensure that you don’t compromise on health while trying to get better at Poker. Chewing reduces stress by decreasing cortisol levels. Just make sure you are chewing sugar free gum, and not a slice of pizza. If you can’t eat, have a cup of tea as some studies show drinking a cuppa can also reduce cortisol levels.

Use the stress busters to get back and play your A-game! Many such Poker tricks and amazing Poker tournaments are waiting for you at Play and win huge cash prizes!

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