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While the game of poker needs no introduction, new players and those who are returning to play poker after a very long time do need a quick introduction on how to play poker. If you are someone wondering why play poker? The answer is obviously that you will have a lot of fun playing poker. The next step to having fun is to make money playing poker.

How to play poker?

How to Play PokerTo be a profitable poker player you should learn the rules. There are many variants of poker. While the poker hand rankings are kind of universal, the winning poker hands differ between one variant and another. When you play poker, you should be clear about what kind of poker hand qualifies to hit the pot. You should be clear about who will make the blind bet and who will make the ante bets. There are rules defining the raise you can make for each round. The number of raises you can each round and the amount of money you can raise as your stakes are defined by rules for each variant of poker. You should be clear about all these factors when you play poker.

Understanding the rules is one thing and executing them is the next step. Executing rules is just the beginning of playing poker.

When you play poker, what will make you a winning poker player is more than just about executing the rules. If you compare wins to earnings and losses to spends, you will know that the profit and loss factor comes in to play and obviously you want to land up being a profitable player.

It is impossible even for the very seasoned poker player to win every round of the poker play. Losses are unavoidable in poker. To be a winning poker player, what you should be doing is to be working on the average profit made per 10 rounds to keep track of whether you are playing on the profitable side. Keeping track of your wins and losses will provide you with the signals needed to improve your poker strategies.

If you are playing poker with your discretionary income, losses need not discourage you. There will be losses. However, you need not be losing forever as long as you work to improve your decision making with the more hands you play. Handling losses and achieving the breakthrough to become a profitable poker player is what the entire sport is about.

You should be clear about the bankroll you will spend at the poker table for each round of poker play. You should have a clear idea about when you will stop playing. There are betting limit types in poker like fixed limit betting, pot limit betting, no limit betting, cap limit betting, and more.

You need not play every poker hand you have been dealt with. You can fold and not play in the very beginning if you see that the cards you have been dealt with are not worth the play. Poker hand selection is about deciding which hand to play and which hand to discard. This is not only in the beginning, as the game progresses if you think you are on the losing side, it helps to save the maximum possible stakes by folding. You should forever be calculating on when you will win and when you will lose and you should make your calls, raises, and bets, all ins, and folds accordingly.

Why play poker?

Reasons to Play PokerDo the antes, blinds, open, call, bet and raise and you will know that the epinephrine rush in your nerves is the primary excitement all about. You play poker for the excitement in the beginning. With time and more poker play you will know that it is for money and fun. When you transcend these stages, you will be playing tourneys to have fun, make money, and achieve fame!