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Before you get started with playing poker games online, take a look at the commonly used words at the Poker table.



A poker hand with 5 cards with no straight, flush, or pair in the hand formation with just one Ace as a High hard is known as an Ace High hand.


An action game in poker refers to a poker table with lot of activities. When the activities involved in the poker game like checking, making a bet, or making a raise are happening in a table with lot of poker players, this is known as action.

Active Player

A player who is heads up in the poker table with an active hand is known as an Active Player.


Players who raise and re-raise are known as aggressive players. They call pretty rarely.


An all in situation is said to be when the player will be betting all of his/her chips in the table.


The money that should be placed in the pot to qualify for being able to participate in the game is known as the ante.


Bad Beat

When the poker player has been expecting to win and some other player gets a lucky draw and the player who was expected to win the most loses, then this is known as the bad beat.


The player who lands up getting the turn card and the river card to make a drawing hand. Backdoor to a flush, backdoor to a straight, etcetera...


If the player who makes a call first makes a re-raise then this is known as a back raise.


The amount of money a player has decided to spend at the poker table is known as the bankroll.


Placing the poker chips in the pot to participate in the poker game is known as a bet.

Bet Odds

When you calculate the probable number of calls and raises that will be made by the players at the table, the resulting odds you get is known as the bet odds for the poker table.

Bet the Pot

If a player makes a bet equal to the total value of the pot it is known as bet the pot.

Big Blind

Before any cards are dealt, it is mandatory to place a pre-determined amount in poker chips by the player who sits in the clockwise direction second from the dealer. There is something called small blind which is supposed to be placed by the player who sits in the clockwise direction first from the dealer. The small blind is half the amount in big blind and it is usually pre-determined.

Big Slick

A poker hand that consists of an Ace and K from any suit is known as a Big Slick.


Blind bets are made by the players sitting first and second to the dealer in the clockwise direction. It is mandatory for the blinds to be posted before the players look in to the pocket cards. This bet is important to kick start the action.

Blind Raise

A blind raise is a raise that is made by the player without looking in to his hands.


Bluff is an art where you make someone at the poker table believe that you have a really good hand, when in reality you might not have one.

Board Card

In some poker variants, the cards are dealt face up and all the players at the table will be able to see the value of the cards. Cards that are dealt face up in the board in a way that all other players are able to see it are known as board cards.

Bottom Pair

When the poker hand is made with the lowest card in the flop to form a pair with one of the pocket cards are known as Bottom Pair.


A pair of Aces is known as Bullets. This is considered to be the best starting hand if you have one.


The player acting as the dealer is known as the button position. The dealer position is transferred from one player to another in a clockwise direction for every new hand dealt at the table. Technically, a small disc is shows changing from one player to another to indicate the dealer position for the new poker hand. This is crucial to decide who plays the blinds.


To play poker, the player should start off with some basic amount of money. This pre-determined minimum required to enter the game is known as the Buy In.



If someone has made a bet amount, the player who makes an equal amount of money in bet is known as a caller. This bet is known as a call bet.

Call Cold

There are players who will call not only a bet, but they will as well call a raise. This move is known as call cold.


There is a maximum limit set per betting round. The person who bets the table maximum for the round is said to have bet on the cap.

Cash Out

Players buy poker chips to play poker. Players choose to cash out poker chips back to money along with the poker chips they have won. This is known as cash out.


In many cases, considering the situation in the starting hands, the player would choose not to bet and would check and decline the bet. This means, the player would choose to make further plays based on the opponents reaction. This is a kind of deceptive play.


The player will check in the first round of the bet to trigger a specific reaction in the opponent, and then would raise the bet in the betting round. This is known as check raise.


In some cases, no player will make a call and during such situations, the bets would be returned to players who made the blind bets. This happens in situations when all the starting hands are not worthy of play. After the pot is thus split, the table moves over to start a new round of play.



In a brick and motor poker room, a man or woman will handle the part of dealing cards, splitting pots, and watching on the moves of players. The person playing this role is known as the dealer.

Dealer's Position

The dealer is the last one to act in the game. The betting starts off with the small blind and the big blind, which will be from the first and the second position of players at the poker table in the clockwise direction from the dealer.


There are four suits in poker. Diamond is one of the suits.

Disconnect Protection

Disconnect protection feature is offered in different poker rooms by different names. This tool is mainly meant to protect the scores and position of players in situations where their internet connection gets cut off while they were actively involved in a pot.

Dominated Hands

Poker hands that are considered good to play; however, these hands have a chance to lose versus hands with similar power if the opponent lands up a good draw. These hands are known as dominated hands, which is not to be confused with dominating hands.

Dominating Hands

These poker hands are basically good hands and they have a good scope for improvement.

Down Card

Cards that are dealt face down are known as down cards. These cards are also known as hole cards.

Drawing Hand

Poker hands that require some kind of improvement in further draws with better cards to make a straight or flush or to make a win of any kind are known as a drawing hand.


Folding a hand is known as a drop. This can happen at any point of the game.


A pair of cards numbered "2" from any suit.


Early Position

The position occupied by the poker player who mandates the player to act first before other players can act in the poker table due to the position occupied by the player. This position is known as early position. The small blind and the big blind positions are considered to be the early position in the table.


Fifth Street

This is the fifth round followed by the dealing of the fifth card. This is also known as the river card.


The flop round is the round where the 3 face up community cards are dealt in the table. All the 3 cards are dealt in the center of the table in a way that all the players are able to see. These cards are meant to be the common draw cards for hand formation. This is the second round of betting in the Hold'em game. The first round is where the pockets are dealt to the players.


Five cards with the same suit are known as the flush cards.

Flush Draw

In cases, where the player has four cards in hand with the same suit and is waiting to make a flush with another draw, this hand is known as the flush draw hand.


If the player decides to throw away the hand and not play anymore because the hand is not worthy of playing by forfeiting rights to the pot, this is known as the fold.

Forced Bet

In order to create some initial pot money for the players to further bet on and contest for, forced bets are mandated in all poker games. This is known as the forced bets. These are mostly the blind bets consisting of the small blind and the big blind. In some poker variants all players are required to make the ante before the deal begins.

Four of a Kind

Four cards with the same face value are known as the quads.

Fourth Street

The turn card is the face up card dealt in the third betting round in the center of the board to serve the draw for all the players who are heads up.

Full House

This is a 3 + 2 combination card. The two cards are supposed to be a pair with the same face value. The three cards can be trips with the same face value.


Gut Shot

To draw to and/or hit an inside straight



A hand is the best possible combination of cards the player was able to arrive at when playing at the poker table.


This is a gaming situation where only two players are involved in the game, and all others have folded.


This is one of the four suits in playing poker.


In a flop tournament, it becomes necessary to decide on the first dealer. To decide who will play the dealer, all players at the table are dealt with one card each and the player with the highest card value takes the role the dealer. Mostly the face value and the suit value in the order of spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs are taken in to consideration.

High Limit

These games are those in which the betting limits are set high.


These are games where the pot is split between the highest and lowest hands in split pot games.


This is a short form for Texas Hold'em. This is the game where the players are dealt with two down cards. There are five community cards dealt in the flop, turn and river rounds in the order of 3 + 1 + 1 making a total of 5 respectively.

Hole Cards

Hole cards are the cards that are dealt face down. The value of these cards is not revealed until the showdown.


Inside Straight

This is a hand where there are 4 cards required to make a straight. One more card will be required to make a straight. However, this number will be one between the first and the last card, the blank is in the middle. When this inside blank is filled it is known as an inside straight.



This is a prize amount that is given to the player, who fulfills certain requirements as decided by the tourney team. Jackpots are highly specific as decided by the board offering the same.



The card that is not paired, yet holds the highest value in the 5 cards is known as the kicker, the kicker is also known as the side card.

Kick It

Refers to a situation where the player decides to raise considering some kind of sure fire winning opportunity.


Check. This means the player will not bet, but would still continue with the rights to play and win the pot.



Any Two Queens from the deck.

Late Position

The player who is last to act in the poker table is said to be in the late position. This position is mostly the player right next to the dealer.

Limit Poker

Limit poker has pre-determined maximum and minimum amounts set for winning. The number of raises that can be made per round is also clearly defined.

Live Hand

A poker hand with a chance to win the pot.

Low Limit

The amount of money that is bet in the table is small.


Main Pot

This refers to the center pot. If there are other bets being made in the table it is made in the side pot. This mostly happens in an all in situation. All the remaining players will contest the side pot.

Middle Pair

In the flop poker games, when the player is able to make a pair with one card from his pocket card and another card from the middle card in the community flop table.

Middle Position

The middle position is the position of the player in the table, where it is mostly somewhere between the early and late positions.


This refers to the throwing away of the hand, this means these cards are not valid for play anymore.

Minimum Buy-in

The minimal amount of money which you should be spending to buy poker chips to be able to start playing in the tournament is known as the minimum buy in.


No Limit

This is the poker game where the players can make as much money they can in bets in any round of betting they participate in.


A nut hand is one that cannot be beat at any point in time in the game. No draws of other players will qualify to beat this hand.



The probability of your hand to hit the pot versus probability of your hand to not being able to hit the pot.


The cards from different suits are known as offsuit.

On the Button

This refers to the dealer's position in the table. Technically, this is the last player to act in the betting round.

Open-ended Straight

There are 4 cards to make a sequence and adding one relevant card on either end will make a straight, this is known as an open ended straight hand.

Open Card

A face-up card that is dealt in the poker table is known as the open card.

Open Pair

A pair card that is dealt face-up is known as an open pair.

Out Button

A player who prefers to sit out one or more hands; however, still chooses to remain in the game is provided with the out button.


The number of cards yet to be dealt from the deck that can help improve your hand are known as the outs.


A pair in the pockets that is high in rank than any other cards dealt on the board.



Two cards with same rank in terms of face value or number value.


The act of folding and forfeiting the right to hit the pot is known as pass.

Play Back

Making a raise or re-raise of the bet made by another player.

Playing the Board

In flop games, if you are able to make your best five card hand with any combination of all the 5 community cards, this is known as playing the board.


The down cards are known as pocket cards, they are also denoted to as hole cards.

Pocket Cards

The two down cards that are dealt to the player in the beginning of a community card game like Hold'em, the values of which no other player will be able to see are known as the pocket cards.

Pocket Rockets

Any pair of Aces is known as pocket rockets, if they are dealt as pocket cards.


The position of the player that is described as early, middle or late position from the dealer to denote the order of betting is known as position.


These are poker chips you should post in value equal to the blinds.


The pot is where all the bet, call, raise and re-raised poker chips go. This is the money value for which all the poker players in the table compete for.

Pot Limit

Pot limit is where the maximum bet that can be made is the existing current value of the pot.

Put Down

The act of folding a hand is known as put down.



Refers to a four of a kind.



To increase the value of the bet made by the previous player.


Pre-determined value of poker chips in percentage is taken from the pot by the poker room for hosting the game; this is known as the rake.


The face value of each card and the total hand is known as hand ranking.


The knock made by the player on the poker table indicating that they have checked in known as a rap.


Analyzing the nature of the game of the poker player by their regular style of play and their poker tells are known as reading the poker player.


The money that a poker player will be paying in order to add a fixed number of poker chips to his/her poker chips in stacks in a tournament to compete even better.


To make a raise to a raise already made is known as re-raise.

Ring Game

A 'live' game that is not actually a tourney is known as a Ring Game.


This is the round where the last one of the community cards is dealt in the table. The river is the end of the deal.

Round of Betting

Round of betting refers to the opportunity of the player to be able to make a bet, check or a raise. The round of betting is said to be complete when the last bet or the raise has been made. There are pre-determined rules about the number of raises permitted at the poker table.

Royal Flush

Ace-King-Queen-Jack-10 from the same suit is known as the Royal flush. This is the best possible hand in poker games.



A mini-tournament in which a player should be participating in order to qualify to participate in a bigger tournament that provides a higher prize value. If the player loses in the satellite event, they might not be able to play in the next bigger tournament.

Seating List

This refers to the waiting list. If there are not enough players to play in a poker table, the player from the seating list would be permitted to play if they wish to play in the table.

Second Pair

The pairing of the second highest card in hand with the board is known as a second pair. This is common in community board games.


A pocket pair that is made with one card from the board is known as a set.


In the final round of betting, all the active players will be turning their cards face up and the hands will be compared to arrive at the winner.

Side Pot

When one player goes all in, the rest of the players remaining in the table compete for a second pot which is known as the side pot.

Small Blind

The person who is immediate left in position to the dealer makes the small blind in bets. This player is known as the small blind. Small and big blind bets are made before the cards are dealt to start off with a stake value to compete for.


When a tie occurs, the pot is split between the two players.


The pile of chips that is used for betting is known as a stack.


Five consecutive cards in terms of value however, mixed in terms of suits are known as a straight.

Straight Flush

Five consecutive cards in terms of value however, pure from one breed of suits are known as a straight flush.


The limits that are pre-determined by the poker room about the minimal or higher limit for the blinds/ante, bets, raises and re-raise in any particular game refers to a betting structure.


Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades are the four suits in poker.



The surface in which the game of poker is being played is known as the table.

Texas Hold'em

This is the full name for Hold'em. Technically, this game was believed to have originated from Texas, therefore, Texas Hold'em.

Three of a Kind

Three cards with the same face value or number rank is known as three-of-a-kind or trips.


A game that does not have much action is known as tight. In terms of players, it refers to players with too many specs to bet, raise or re-raise at the table. These players do not come out of pocket very easily.

Top Pair

In community board games, if the player is able to make a pair with one card from his pocket and one card from the board, this is known as the Top Pair.

Top Two Pair

In community board games, if the player is able to make a pair with one card from his pocket and one card from the board, and another card from his pocket with another card from the board, this is known as the Top Two Pair.


In community board games, this is the fourth card that is being dealt. This refers to the third round in the betting.

Two Pair

This poker hand consists of two different pairs, therefore, two pair.



A pair in the pocket card with a lower value than the lowest card on the community board is known as the under pair.

Up Card

A card which is dealt face-up is known as the up card.


Worst Hand

This is indeed a losing hand.


Abbreviation for World Series of Poker.

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