Tiers are levels in the loyalty program. Each tier has a defined number of base loyalty points that a player must earn before they can move to the tier - entry points and stay on the tier - maintenance points.

As a player earns base points, they can move up to another loyalty tier, but cannot drop to a lower loyalty tier until the end of the accumulation period.

  • Levels are as follows. 'Points' means the number of points that a player needs to earn in a month to reach that loyalty tier. The number of points a player needs to maintain a loyalty tier is lower. A tier bonus means that a player gets bonus loyalty points whenever they are in that tier, for example if a player is in the Platinum tier they will earn 106 points per `100 instead of 100 points.
    • Bronze (0 points - all players start at this level)
    • Silver (25,000 points, 20,000 to maintain, 2% tier bonus)
    • Gold (75,000 points, 70,000 to maintain, 4% tier bonus)
    • Platinum (125,000 points, 100,000 to maintain, 6% tier bonus)
  • Players will have a one month grace period - i.e. for every tier, once a player has earned it they will maintain the tier for the current month and one month thereafter, even if they don't earn the required maintenance points.
  • Players can buy into tournaments using loyalty points at a redemption rate of 10% - i.e. 1000 points per `10 in buy-in. For example a tournament which costs `110 in cash will cost 11,000 loyalty points.
  • Points expire after 180 days of inactivity. For example, if a player does not play and earn any fraction of a loyalty point for 180 days, then all of their loyalty points will expire. (You can always credit these back to the player if they reactivate, the purpose of this is to ensure that you don't build up a huge liability in loyalty points from inactive customers).