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When you play Omaha High-Lo on Poker sites in India, you will be dealing with a mix of beginner level, intermediate and advanced level players. And, if you are tired of learning poker math, it can be hard to be a winner at the table. When you play the Omaha High-Lo table you are at a bit at advantage because you have chances to make money if you have the best ranking high hand or best ranking low hand.

Omaha tables of all variants have high action and therefore it is advisable to be very careful about hand selection. Play only if you have nut hands. And, you should ideally not be making loose bets. Playing tight is ideal for a beginner level player.

Fold Worthless Hands - Never Play Medium Hands in High-Lo

Omaha hi-lo Poker Strategy There is no lucky angel in a medium hand. If you see you have medium pockets, dare to discard and forfeit the pot, bird watch the rest of the table play, and learn Poker Tricks and Tips to prepare yourselves for future play. It can seem boring. However, when you dare to fold more numbers of worthless hands, you will be saving yourself lot of money. Bird watching the table can give you more experience and the more you see how much other players at the table are losing by playing worthless hands you will develop the integrity to fold worthless hands.

Throw Away Medium Straight Hands

If you have a medium straight, you might imagine that you have something nice because of the straight stuff in your hand. Forget it. There are more than normal chances for someone with a nut hand that will help them hit the high or low part of the pot in the pot split. Typically, if you have 5-6-7-8 combination you will feel like you will make a nut straight, but you will be losing the hand to players who land up in better draws.

Middle Low Hands are Playable

A hand like T-J-Q-K is a middle low hand, and there are chances by draw to make a full house hand and this can have you qualify for the high hand share in the pot split.

Chances for making the Wheel

Omaha hi-lo Poker Gameplan If you have starting hands like 2-3-4-5 you are expecting to hit the wheel. Depending upon the kind of draw you land up with you should make your play and fold decisions. The pre-flop should give you an Ace. If you decide to move to the turn and river you are trying to be aggressive. It depends upon the kind of player you are dealing with to decide if you will play tight or take the risk.

Whether you would fold or play a starting hand is something that is purely guided by common sense. Be clear about the hands that will qualify for the pot split. Understand the table situation. Be watchful about the probable hands that opponents might be playing with. More number of heads up players, post flop is a challenging situation. Winning at the table is about being clear about your target, setting your limits in betting to avoid loss in bankroll, daring to fold, understanding your table map.

Omaha high-low is best played with a mental map about the table situation and opponent poker hands that you will be dealing with. You should know how to bluff in a way your opponents believe your moves. This is very crucial to be an efficient Omaha Player.

When you bluff, you need to ensure that the opponent is reading it. If your opponent is blind to your bluff then your bluffing will not make sense. In a full handed table, bluffing takes lot of skills and experience. With experience, you will know how to handle short-handed and full-handed tables. Strategizing Omaha takes lot of homework. You can polish your skills by playing free poker games on and then start off with real money. The road is hard. Once you trim your methods and nuances that is just the beginning of being a winning player.

For every raise and re-raise that is being made in the table, you should be clear about marking the reason behind the action of the poker player.