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Omaha and Texas are both played with some cards from the hand and some cards from the board. The structure for the betting round is similar to Hold'em. And, there ends the similarity between Hold 'em and Omaha. The odds, the betting techniques, the betting psychology, the poker tells, the player attitude, and everything needs to be judged in the light of Omaha. If you have mastered Hold 'em, this does not mean you are ready for Omaha. You need to tweak up your approach to suit the Omaha table and Omaha situations.

If you are playing the High-Low version of Omaha, then many cards playable in Hold 'em are not playable in Omaha.

Before you start playing online Poker in India pay attention to these Omaha strategies -

More Numbers of Hands Are Played In Omaha than Hold 'em

The number of playable hands in Omaha is lot less when compared to Hold'em. As a beginner, if you are wondering why is it so? It is high time you train your brain to think through tiny facts, and that will save you lot of money. Each player is dealt with 4 pockets. This means, each player has more combinations to deal with in the beginning and as they decide to play through each of their draws. This also means each player has more choices to decide from. This complicates the probabilities for winning. There is more competition, more choice and more action. This leads to rapid folding at the table. And, this is also the reason for why, the number of hands that is played in an Omaha table is more per hour when compared to the number of hands played in a hold 'em table.

Why compare Hold 'em and Omaha?

If you are wondering why we are discussing the comparison between hold 'em and Omaha in an Omaha strategy page, the reason is that you should be very clear about what differentiates Omaha as a community poker game from Hold 'em as a community poker game to really be able to strategize your poker action through the draws in the Omaha table.

Tiny Opportunities versus Enormous Opportunity

So, if you know that one of your opponents are those who have not been doing too well in Hold 'em, better learn to exploit the nature of such players to your advantage. This is because when you play Texas hold 'em you will be exploiting the tiny opportunities that you get every now and then. However, with Omaha it is like you have to plunder the one enormous opportunity you have been waiting for. This opportunity happens rarely and this is because those players do not realize until late that when played properly Omaha is lot about intelligence and gamble.

Omaha Poker Gameplan Players who do not get an insight in to how hold 'em and Omaha differ from each other, never learn to deal with Omaha, until it is dawn in their bankroll and many times not even afterwards. So, a smart Omaha player is one who knows how to exploit the complex beliefs of the players at the table in a very simple way. The simple way is to wait patiently and to be keen about the idiosyncratic moves of other players at the table. And, wait..., while all the time you think you are super smart baiting the idiosyncratic players at the table, remember, there is always a poker shark that has marked you in to his idiosyncratic player list. When you play Omaha you need to know who are targeting you and whom you are targeting.

And, this is just the plot part of the story. When action begins, the regular rules for poker hands apply. It helps to work with poker odds calculator at hand for every draw you are to act on. It helps to master the Omaha Point count system to decide on the true potential of your hand. After a bit of experience, you might not require software and odd calculators, you will get used to how you should decide your way in the play. However, until then you have got to decide with a bit of help from software tools as a beginner.

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