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Royal Straight Flush Hand in Poker

Royal Straight Flush

An Ace high Straight Flush

Straight Flush  Hand in Poker

Straight Flush

Five successive cards of the equal suit

Four of a Kind Hand in Poker

Four of a Kind

Full House Hand in Poker

Full House

Three of a kind and one pair

Flush Hand in Poker


Five cards of the equal suit

Straight Hand in Poker


Five successive cards

Three of a kind Hand in Poker

Three of a kind

Two Pairs Hand in Poker

Two Pairs

One Pair Hand in Poker

One Pair

High Card Hand in Poker

High card

Fundamental Betting Decisions

All online poker games apply the similar fundamental betting decisions:

  • Check if you want to avoid betting, by doing so, you will be still in the pot, without losing you few $$; however, if you check always you will be looked upon as an irritator
  • Bet to create a wager by placing chips into the pot
  • Call to place a sum equivalent to the bet of one more player (to equal the bet)
  • Raise to create a bet rising the amount of an earlier bet on that betting round (to boost the bet)
  • Fold to turn in the cards to the dealer to conclude your play of that hand

Poker Meanings

When you play online Poker, keep in mind that the game uses planned betting. The player has no choice and will have to consider making the lowest amount of the bet to stay in the game. If the game is a limit game, the maximum bet permitted is planned if you have better cards.

If the game is No-Limit, the player may possibly bet from the lowest up to the sum of chips he or she has at the table. If the game is Pot-Limit, the player may possibly bet from the lowest up to the amount of the pot, given he or she has adequate chips to act thus.