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Multi Table Poker tournaments is a popular tournament on India Poker sites. When you set out to play these tournaments, you have got to know how to play during different phases of the tourney. There are early phase poker gaming behaviors, middle phase poker gaming behaviors, and late phase poker gaming behaviors, which you should get accustomed with. This version of the tournament is different from the SNG. In SNG, you play the table, win or lose and you are done. Then, you can start off with another SNG. However, when it comes to multi-table tournaments you should play carefully to survive the table to land up in the next level of gaming.

It is crucial to have practiced enough to become a winning player. You should have trained yourselves to deal with players with different stack sizes, different types of opponents, different types of blind structures, different variants of poker and different rules to qualify for winning, and lot more. Well, these need not scare you. You will get used to doing them all when you start off. The key is to start off by registering for a multi table poker tournament and that is just the beginning of what we call experience, which is crucial to create a better poker player.

A Bigger Buy In

Multi table Tournament NatureThe buy in for multi table poker tournaments is set "to a number of times" relative to the big blind. You have got to check in to the buy in for the game you are enrolling in. In the early phase of the tourney, the buy in, is typically fifty times the big blind.

When the middle phase of the tournament approaches the buy in will be anywhere from 20 through 50 times the big blind. It will all be based on the number of participants in the tourneys. The payouts dispensed will be decided based on the number of participants.

Early and Middle Phase

Multi table Tournament StrategyThe early phase typically comes to an end when around 100 players get paid and this number varies between poker rooms based on the number of players participating in the game.

The middle phase will end, when there are just 125 players or 150 players left for playing.

The numbers of players for the different phases differ considering the number of participants in different tourneys.

The strategy that you should be using in multi table poker tournaments is different from SNG. You have got to vary your strategy in different stages of the game. As always, it is better to cut off losses by giving up on unworthy hands.

MTTs is an excellent way to play online poker for real money. Your aim in MTTs should be to enter in to the money making phase. Having a clear understanding of the prize structure to strategize your goal smartly matters. Be clear about strategies for bubble bursts, fights over blinds and lot of other stuff to eventually win. Even if you are a know it all, everything will work only when you have a good hand!