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Sit and Go tournament is one of our popular tournament where several players enjoy challenging online poker games daily.

What separates Sit and Go tournaments from regular multi table tournaments is that there are anywhere from 6 to 10 players in the tourney. However, in multi table tournaments there are hundreds of players. In major tourneys, where there are better sponsors from top brands there are typically thousands of players participating from around the world. The prize structure is super huge as well. However, understanding SNG is a key to getting experienced to deal with big ticket tourneys.

When does the sit and go tournament start?

The poker game at SNG tables start as soon as the required numbers of players assemble at the table.

How is the pot split?

Sit and Go Tournament Pot SplittingThe percentage split will differ from one poker room to another. If there are very less numbers of poker players in the play, then the pot might be split between just the first 2 winners.

The pot split takes place between the first 3 places based on the rules set by the poker room where you might be playing in.

Super quick play

Quick Play in PokerSince the SNG games progress very quickly, it is very important for you to have a clear idea about the rules, the antes, blinds, calls, raise, re-raise, the number of raises permitted per betting round, the set limit for betting, and everything you need to know to play at an action packed table.

As always, starting hand selection is crucial when you play this game.


Re-buying in Sit and Go TournamentSNG tourneys do not permit a re-buy. So, if you are done betting your stacks at the table you are out and you cannot add on more chips by making a re-buy. So, do your math to make your play. People are watching your style and this means you need to have more than one style of gaming approach to be unpredictable at the table.


Sit and Go Tournament NatureAggressive play is very common in SNG. It is not uncommon to see someone going all in during post-flop and making pre-flop raises at these tables. You can see all kind of players here. However, whether they are loose, tight, aggressive or passive, the game is going to move real quick and you have got to be prepared for it. It is only when you start playing, you will be able to experience the rush and conversion of the game.

Sit and Go Tournaments are Ideal for beginners

Sit and Go Tournaments are a handy choice for those who are new to the game of poker the tournament way. Anyone who is willing to get a sense of what it means to play poker online the tournament way has got to try this.

These types of online Poker tournaments are good for beginners, because they do not last for hours and hours like other poker tournaments. This does not mean that Sit and Go Tournaments cancel out on the excitement expectable at a typical tourney. They provide you with a quick feel of what is means to be in a ring game as well as in a multi table poker game. You get a turbo tournament feel because there is no waiting time and the game keeps moving real quickly. Make it to a SNG once and you would not wait to join the next. Good luck.