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Before you play this variant of online Poker games there are some strategies you need to be familiar with. Some hands are dead right when you are dealt with it. There is no point in playing such hands. Even if you do not play Razz, if you are playing HORSE you will have to deal with one round of Razz. When you do not have a clue about the Razz strategy you can feel left out. Strategizing is about deciding what to do and what not to do.

With Razz, you start off with bring in and it is common for anyone to feel that it is important to defend the bring-in bets; however, it is important to fold and let go the bring-in when things are not favourable. There are some conditions when you should protect your bring in and there are some conditions when you need not really bother. Knowing when to do this makes the difference.

Razz Poker Strategy Number One A clear understanding of what makes a good starting hand is crucial when you play the game of Razz. Since Razz is played for the lower rank, the general rule is to fold a hand that does not have 3 cards with a hand rank that is less than 8. The eight or better qualifier is applicable in Razz. And, it is important for the 3 cards to be unique and every Razz beginner should be clear about this.

When you start off with 3 good cards, you are starting off with some good chance to win. Since some pockets are going to be dealt as up card, if the up card is going to show a low value, say 2, then this hand will show you as being a player with a strong hand, than when the up card shows a high value, say 8.

Since the open cards will provide the player with some kind of a judgmental poker tell to other players, if you are smart enough depending upon the value of the open cards, you can put as much pressure as possible on your opponents.

Whether your opponents will draw or fold will depend on the kind of picture you create about yourself. If you have a winning hand and the up card creates the reverse image, the other players in the table will add to the pot by drawing and the size of your pot will increase. Starting off with good hands is one thing, getting good draws is the next thing; however, increasing the size of the pot that you are targeting to win is something that will be based on your personal smartness and the skill with which you exhibit your poker tell.

Razz Poker Strategy Number Two Practice ante stealing when opportunity permits. If you have a good hand, be clear about the kind of moves you should make to make others, make favourable poker action like raises and re-raises so that you can ultimately win the pot. For all the decision, you should know the power of the board card. The board is the major number that will help you build the image you are targeting to build in the table.

It is important to have a clear track of all the cards that have been dealt face up to build a mind map of the probable draw cards you should expect to eventually decide on the kind of poker action you will take at the table. Remember the golden rule, a bad pocket card is bad and there is no magic that will turn it to a good one. It all depends upon how things start! Be clear about the hands you choose to play. If your hand is truly not worth the play, better not play than pretend. If you are a super bluffer and you have an up card to support, people will eventually discover your hand strength with the draw. So, better fold a bad hand than holding on to it.

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