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If you are new to Texas Hold'em you might be quite perplexed wondering about your way around the game. It is normal to feel way too excited to play as many hands as possible. But while playing this poker card game, it is important to control your excitement. Keep in mind the phrase: learn to crawl before you walk and learn to walk before you run. Start off with the basic strategies for playing Texas Hold 'em. There are tried and tested responses to specific pre-flop and post-flop draws depending upon the kind of hands you hold. There are few basic stuff you must consider when you play your hands.

  • The kind of pocket cards you hold
  • Your position at the table with respect to the position of the dealer
  • Your position at the table with respect to the position of other players at the table
  • The bankroll you have at your disposal to play at the table
  • The number of players you are having to compete with
  • The nature of play adopted by your opponents

Poker Player Strategy Depending upon what kind of cards you have at your hand, you should make your gaming decisions accordingly. As a beginner in Poker card games, it is good to be choosy about the kind of hands you choose to play. It can be boring to fold away several pockets, but that is the best way to start. Good players develop the integrity to fold away 50% of worthless pockets. It takes strategic understanding to decide which card is worth playing and which is worth folding.

For every kind of hand you choose to play, the odds for winning are going to change with each draw. So, thoughtful decision making with regards to poker probability is crucial for every action you make at the table.

If you have pocket pairs, big cards, connectors, or suited Aces and Kings these hands are a must play.

  • When it comes to pocket pairs there are big, medium, and small pocket pairs. Big pairs like AA, KK, QQ, and JJ, are those you can play aggressively. You can dare to make raises. If you are having small pocket pairs anywhere from 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, then you better watch your way. A big pot means lot of players and there are opportunities for players out there to be sitting with better hands. If you are playing the high low version, 22 are great to work with.
  • If you are having Aces and Kings, then you are dealing with big cards. You can play these cards aggressively and you can raise them. This is regardless of whether they are suited or unsuited. However, as the draw progresses, watch your opponents and make your decisions accordingly.
  • If you have connectors, these are cards where you need to make draws to fill in one or two gaps to make a worthy poker hand to make straights and flushes (or) to make outside and inside straights. You can play them with a clear headed theory considering the poker tells of the other players at the table.
  • If you have Aces and Kings which are suited, these are again super playable.

Position is an important factor to decide about which hands to play and which one to discard.

  • If you are sitting in a position where you are supposed to be the first to act, then you are sitting in the early position. Early positions are better played with good hands.
  • If you are sitting in the middle position, you will have baseline information to decide on whether to play with drawing hands or otherwise from the action of players before you.
  • If you are sitting in the late position you will have lot of information to decide on whether to play with drawing hands or otherwise from the action of players before you.

Based on which position you are sitting at the table, you can decide on whether to play or discard hands. The poker tells of other poker players will give you information for decision making. Common sense should tell you if someone shows signs of having a better hand than you. Fold if someone has a better pot than you. Otherwise, make raises to win a bigger pot. It is important to improve your skills in understanding the poker tells from the raises, re-raises, checks and fold made by the players at the table to evolve to be a better hold 'em player.

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