Guaranteed Poker Tournament Banner

As the name suggests, there is a guaranteed prize in these tournaments, for example `20,000 guaranteed. The beauty about guaranteed poker tournaments is that participants will play for a minimum of the amount that has been guaranteed regardless of how many poker players enter the tournament. So if 500 players were required to generate a prizepool of `20,000 but only 300 participated then the prizepool to be paid out would remain at `20,000. If more than 500 players participated then the prizepool would be higher than `20,000.

In the example of `20,000 guaranteed, the buyin amount may be `40 which means 500 players would need to enter the tournament to generate the prizepool of `20,000 if the tournament did not have a guaranteed prizepool. This is displayed in the example below wants to give players the chance to win big amounts off small initial investments and that is why we will be offering a fantastic selection of guaranteed tournaments.

Tournament NameBuy-inFrequencyTimePrize
2K GTD Tournament `22 Daily 1:00 PM `1,000
5K GTD Regular Tournament `55 Daily 2:00 PM `5,000
3K GTD Tournament `33 Daily 4:00 PM `3,000
5K GTD Turbo Tournament `55 Daily 7:00 PM `5,000
10K GTD Tournament `110 Daily 9:00 PM `10,000

How will I come to know about Guaranteed Tournaments?

Keep an eye on the tournament schedule in the poker lobby as all guaranteed tournaments will be displayed there. We will also update our website to highlight the biggest and best guaranteed tournaments taking place and be sure to check your email inbox as we will keep you informed via emails also